July 6, 2020 – from KPFK

Solidarity Economics in times of COVID19

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In today’s edition of Covid, Race, and Democracy:

When the current economic system seems to be failing the majority of the US population, we discuss an alternative: Solidarity Economics in times of Covid-19 with Dr. Manuel Pastor, author of State of Resistance. Listen to the full interview here:

We also hear from folks who led a successful rent strike in East Oakland, California. Many thanks to the  Poor News Network for this story.

Ronnie Almonte, member of the Movement of Rank and File Educators, a social justice caucus inside the United Federation of Teachers talks to WBAI New York Working Class Heroes Radio. Full interview here:

Steve Zeltzer of the Labor Video Project brings us a story about public education under attack in the Bay Area.
Because of the coronavirus, African wildlife refuges are suffering from the loss of tourist revenue that most depend on. However, prominent African conservation scholars say that simply exposes the neocolonial conservation model that should have been left behind long since. Pacifica’s Ann Garrison has the story:

Coronavirus vaccines are being developed and tested. Who are they being tested on? Lawrence Reyes talks to professor Debora Santana in Puerto Rico. They discuss Puerto Rico’s colonial status in the context of the 2020 US presidential elections and the long history of medical experimentation on Puerto Ricans, and other black and brown colonial subjects by US and European powers.

Hosted by Nana Gyamfi and produced by Polina Vasiliev.