Black History in the Making: Reclaiming Our Past, Re-defining Our Future: A CONVERSATION WITH NIKKI GIOVANNI



Poet, activist, author and icon, Nikki Giovanni offers her unique unflinching perspectives on everything from politics to poetry in these contemporary times. Her unapologetic condemnation of Donald Trump is as shocking as her affectionate loving memories of her grandmother are soothing.

Black History in the Making: Reclaiming our Past, Re-defining our Future, was produced in collaboration with the Pacifica Covid Task Force, the production team of Covid Race and Democracy, Pacifica Network Stations and affiliates throughout the country.


Verna Avery Brown, WBAI Producer/host                                                                    Lona Alias and Polina Vasiliev, Editors                                                                          P.K. McCary, Audio recording

Akua Holt and Steve Zeltzer, Executive producers

Jon Almeleh, Engineer

Senior producer-editors, Polina Vasiliev, Lona Alias, Akono Kamau (media intern) and Akua Holt

Fahima Seck, line producer

Theme music: Fela Kuti “Water No Get Enemy”
Special thanks to Knitting Factory Records