COVID is Bigger in the South


Texas Democrats state “Republicans are now fully enabled and empowered to enact virtually all of [Gov. Greg] Abbott’s directives, including many dangerous pieces of legislation that will fundamentally hurt the lives of Texans, including millions that will be deeply harmed by the policy.” They stayed over a month in Washington, D.C. to find support in blocking the Republican elections bill that will restrict voting rights for African Americans, other people of color, seniors, and poor white rural communities for decades. Three of their fellow lawmakers Houston’s Garnet Coleman, Armando Walle and Ana Hernandez — returned to TX on Aug. 19th, 2021, and provided the Republicans an opportunity to restart the legislative process to approve a voting bill based on so-called election integrity. Dr. Obidike Kamau of Pacifica Radio, KPFT Houston, TX in talks with former U.S. Congressman and former Texas State Senator, Attorney Craig Washington about what’s at stake.

With hospital capacity concerns worsening, The Delta variant has Texas on edge and in one of its worst fights since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. KPFT’s Houston Indy Media show reports on the raging COVID-19 crisis in Texas.

As Covid continues to surge across the state of Texas, Pacifica’s Steve Zeltzer spoke with  Teamsters Union Southern Region International Vice President John Palmer.  He lives in San Antonio, TX and is a longtime organizer. 

On Friday, August 20th, the Sarasota County School Board passed an emergency mask mandate. Becca Hadwen of Pacifica Affiliate WSLR 96.5 in Sarasota, Florida reports on the previous meeting, where school board members heard hours of intense public comment regarding face coverings.

The war on masks in education by Florida governor Ron DeSantis is being challenged by teachers and their unions. Pacifica’s Steve Zeltzer interviewed Broward Teachers Union President Anna Fusco about the deadly covid pandemic and how it is affecting students, teachers and the community.

Dr. Synnika Lofton examines two viruses in America: COVID19 and Stupidity.


Host: Akua Holt

Producers: Akua Holt, Polina Vasiliev, and Steve Zeltzer


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