Workers’ Rights and COVID



*What exactly happens to your laundry bag when it arrives at the laundry? laundry workers in Manhattan demand to be paid the city’s $15 minimum wage and the end of abuse at the hand of their employers. Special thanks to producer Marcos Maldonado. Listen to the segment here:

*Sabina Wildman, National Organizing Coordinator for United Students Against Sweatshops (on the Socialist Program with Brian Becker). You can listen here:

*Recently, many were shocked to hear that managers at a Tyson pork processing plant in Waterloo, Iowa placed bets on how many workers in their plant would contract COVID-19.  Ed Fallon, producer and host of the Iowa-based radio show, the Fallon Forum, spoke with Joe Henry, Iowa Labor rights activist with the Latino community. Listen to the segment here:

*Healthcare workers in Turkey are facing a repressive government and a privatized healthcare system. Coronavirus-related fatalities are on the rise, as well.  Mehmet Bayram is a journalist from Turkey. He writes for , an independent media outlet that has been shut down by the government more than 62 times.

*As the number of infected and deaths from COVID-19 rise at an alarming rate, health care advocates from four historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and the National Urban league have formed a national initiative to coordinate and advocate equity for
African Americans and other people of color, the Coalition of Blacks Against Covid.  Joni Eisenberg, producer of To Heal DC from Pacifica station WPFW takes us to a press conference moderated by former DC health Commissioner Dr. Reed Tuckson. We hear from Dr. Leon McDougle, President of the National Medical Association, Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice, President of the Morehouse School of Medicine, Dr. Martha Dawson, President of the National Black Nursing Association and Dr. Wayne Frederick, President of Howard University. Thanks to producer Lona Alias.

*Whatever the scientific truths about coronavirus, state measures to stop its spread can undoubtedly be used to justify state repression. Pacifica’s Ann Garrison reports on two such cases in Africa. 

*Steve Zeltzer reports on nurses’ organizing for PPE and for workers’ rights in general. He spoke to a Minnesota nurse who was retaliated against by United Healthcare after blowing the whistle on cost-saving practices that put workers and their families’ lives at risk. They also address issues of systemic racism.

Hosted by Johanna Fernandez, produced by Steve Zeltzer, engineered by Polina Vasiliev.