Shutting Down Potential Pandemic Sources


Witnout falling into conspiracy mongering, Vallianatos links both the possibility of escapes from “bio-defense” labs like Wuhan, and the reality of increasing zoonotic pathogens from globalized industrialized agriculture and animal husbandry, with a formula for prevention.

Frankenstein Chimeras, COVID-19, the Wuhan Lab and Biosafety

by Evaggelos Vallianatos (from Counterpunch)


The best defense against another pandemic is to dismantle, worldwide, the biological warfare laboratories [Not just Wuhan but in the US as well] and end agricultural causes for global pestilence [mainly Confined Animal Feeding Operations – CAFOs – of poultry and hogs originating in the US, that have always been fertile grounds for animal and human pestilence, augmented by rice-duck and pig-duck-fish aquaculture in China].

These technologies have given rise to a Frankenstein Chimera taking the shape of ever changing genetic mixture of different species [of virulent pathogens] that don’t belong in the natural world or among people. Such a monster is without control, almost immortal, threatening its creators with disease and death. It has become a ticking bomb, not much different than the streaming fire of the Greek original monster.