September 7 — Labor Day Edition


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On this week’s “Covid, Race, and Democracy”:

Labor Day 2020 is one of catastrophe for millions of US workers, with mass unemployment of over 30 million people, loss of healthcare, privatization, a pandemic threatening our lives, families and communities, mass evictions and a climate emergency. All in a context of an ever-growing movement against racism and murderous police, and opposition to a president whose rhetoric encourages white supremacist terror. On this Labor Day 2020, we’ll look at these issues and lift up the voices of working people.

*Striking New Orleans sanitation workers get support from the International Longshore Workers Union, teachers and other workers in Tacoma, Washington
*We hear from actor and activist Danny Glover about his postal family in defense of a publicly funded postal service.
*And there is a growing coronavirus pandemic in California’s Central Valley where much of the world’s agricultural products are grown and processed.
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