“Justice for George Floyd is Freedom for All” and “Black Wall Street 100 Years Later” May 31, 2021

"Justice for George Floyd is Justice for All" i



“The function of freedom is to free someone else”      – Toni Morrison

One year ago, the world shifted instantly, after viewing the horrific video footage of Minneapolis, Officer Derick Chauvin violating George Floyd’s humanity, while bystanders watched in shock. George Floyd called for his deceased mother (Cissy), in his final moments. Black Lives Matter and other social justice organizations worldwide took over the streets, creating one of the biggest movements against police violence and white supremacy, since the Civil Rights era.

After the guilty verdict of Derick Chauvin, Attorney Ben Crump, members of the Floyd family, and other elected officials held a press conference on the campus of Texas Southern University, HTX. Directly across the street where George Floyd once lived with his family. (HBCU).  Voices: Attorney Benjamin Crump 

On April 27, 2021 the International Commission of Inquiry on Systemic Racist Police Violence in the United States released a report featuring weeks of live hearings, of cases of people of African descent killed by police.  Voices: Attorney Kerry McLean.

The Report of the International Commission of Inquiry on Systemic Racist Police Violence against People of African Descent in the United States’ –  Press Conference was streamed on April 27, 2021, featuring testimonies of family members who have lost loved ones at the hands of police violence including Voices: Philonese Floyd, Collette Flanagan, Mothers Against Police Brutality, and Gwen Carr, mother of Eric Garner. Attorney Kerry McLean moderator.

The International Commission of Inquiry was organized by the National Conference of Black Lawyers, the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, and the National Lawyers Guild.

During and after the report’s release, the full, 188-page document will be available at the Commission’s website, https:// inquirycommission.org/ .Videos and transcripts from the live hearings in 44 cases are available at the website.

For questions or more information about the press conference or the release of the report, please contact Kerry McLean, Esq. at kerrymclean@gmail.com.                                                                      

Clarence Thomas, the past Secretary Treasurer of ILWU Local 10 in San Francisco spoke to Pacifica producer Steve Zeltzer about resistance and movements in the labor field. 

Elders – Viola Fletcher – 107 yrs, her brother, Hughes Van Ellis – “Uncle Red” – 100 yrs, and Lessie Benningfield Randle – 106 yrs, testified before the House Judiciary subcommittee, May 19, 2021, vividly describing how their entire communities were destroyed.  Atty B.C. Franklin, the father of historian, John Hope Franklin wrote – “The sidewalk was literally covered with burning turpentine balls.”

The Washington Post reports. “All three survivors are seeking reparations for themselves and their descendants in a lawsuit filed in 2020 – against Tulsa, Tulsa County, the state, and the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce. “The city police department and the county sheriff’s office deputized and armed white Tulsans to murder, loot, and burn the nearly 40 city blocks of the Greenwood District,” according to the reparations lawsuit. “The State National Guard participated with this in killing and looting and destroying the property of Black residents of Greenwood. The city, sheriff, chamber, and county targeted Black community leaders and victims of the massacre for prosecution as instigators of the massacre — despite knowing who were truly responsible.”

Learn more about Black Wall Street online. The Greenwood Cultural Center stands as a monument to the scores of pioneers, trailblazers, entrepreneurs, professionals, politicos, and citizens who created a renowned and respected community despite formidable odds. The Center serves as a marker for the Tulsa community, chronicling where we have been, where we are, and where we are going, through historical offerings, events, and youth programming.  www.greenwoodculturalcenter.org      

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We all grew up with  George (Perry) Floyd as children, to youths, and adulthood– played peewee sports with him, middle school and high school and graduated together in 1993!

Mission is to get as many minorities as possible registered to vote, and to the polls– we stand in unity with all who are oppressed regardless of race, color or creed.